Quit smoking, break free!


This antismoking method is based on self suggestion. The scope is to program your subconscious, so a certain date you will be ready to quit smoking, to feel and believe you are not smoker any more. You will be surprised how easy that will be. Some people reached that day almost without the decision really taken, and just stopped smoking for fun.

However the will to stop smoking is the most important.

Just follow the instructions and change your life.

Starting today

Take the decision NOW. You have nothing to do more just do take the decision. Did you do it? Here we go. The first step is done and that was easy.

Put in your mind, in every part of your body, you want to quit smoking and it is easy.

Announce to yourself first and your friends, your decision you will be a non smoker the first day of a month of your choice (2 months gap is ok). If you know some friends. who want to quit, make a group, so you'll support each other.

You must pick up a date, first of a month, to write it in your mind.


1. I don't have to quit today?

No. First you have to program yourself, to realize it, to put in every corner of your body the idea you will be a non smoker the first of September. To that day your life will go on as usual. You can keep smoking, but when you light a cigarette remember that you quit the certain date.

2. What else until then?

 You have to come every day in this site and go to Assertion page by pressing the button Assertion on the menu on the left. Try to never miss a day. If you miss any do it the next day twice. 

You have to be honest and not use cheats and tricks.

3. Today is the big day. Now what?

You wake up in the morning, go to the mirror smile to yourself, say good morning non smoker and welcome to the group of the free people. Your cigarettes are already thrown away last night.

Now you feel, you don't need the nicotine. Instead of coffee try to have a tea, but if you do need the coffee, drink it quickly and have some water or juice to washout  the taste of coffee.

Later try to contact people you told about the new situation, you'll get the first support.

The day is going on you don't feel the need of a cigarette, you feel a little dizzy, because the extra oxygen goes easier in your brain.

Keep going. The evening avoid  the alcohol and spicy food and the first day is over and you are a winner.

Next days if you feel that an idea about smoking is knocking your mind have a glass of water take a deep breath and is gone.

If some times you feel urgently the need of smoke, take a very deep breath, a glass of water and is gone!

Visit the blog and write your experience and get support.

There is no excuse to delay. You can make it.

Marios Polyzoes