Value for health


Some years ago a group of friends and heavy smokers ( including me) thought to try a strange method to quit smoking. We had a success 100% so i recommended this method to more people. Many of them are now free. I thought to convert the method to work using a website. A friend's death from lug cancer pushed me to realize the emergency of the project.

The most important is to get it seriously. Something becomes serious when we have to pay. If it's free you delay, cancel, come up again, but the decision is not deeply in your mind. So the method doesn't work.

One of the major steps is to make a donation. That means you decided. You will be not a smoker. There is not a fixed price but will be fair to donate the cost of one month cigarettes.

That has to do how honest you are against yourself and wilful.

 You can donate:

or through your bank to the account :

ΙΒΑΝ : GR87 0140 1450 1450 0210 1127 411

If for any reason you can't donate us, do it to an organization of your choice.

Don't forget though to do it, it's part of the process!